Welcome To My Wonderland
Hey guys.

I miss my daddy.

You’ve been gone six months too long. I miss you.

I miss you so much Daddy… 



By Maria Kolofsky

BANG goes the gun 

and BOOM goes his heart on the last lovely beat. 

That last lovely beat that some of us wish every day would come. 

But not him, 

this lovely man with this last lovely heart beat 

wanted a long life,

one with laughter, sadness, sorrow and


but his long life was cut too short 

like a freshly sharpened blade

that slices and dices everything 

and anything in sight until..

it’s gone.

One that would make others ask themselves why. 

Why him. 

Why now. 

Why this way, 

but the truth is.. 

Every second could be your last. 

Like this lovely mans last lovely heart beat 

that he took in so fully on that fall evening, 

and all he did was 


Sit and breathe that wonderful fall air 

that gave him chills ever so lightly, 



He’s gone. 

That lovely man with that last lovely heart beat, 

has finally taken it. 

Has finally gone up with his father before him, 

and friends to follow. 

But don’t cry kids, 

because this lovely man 

with his lovely heart beat 

will always be with us. 

He could be here right now. 

Just watching. 

Watching and listening. 

Listening to your lovely heart beat that will someday come to your last. 

So make every second count 

and every thought matter, 

Because one day 

you could be this lovely man 

with this last lovely heart beat